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Katakana: The more angular form of Japanese kana (syllabic writing) which used especially for official documents, scientific terms and foreign words.

Hiragana: The basic Japanese phonetic alphabet and a more cursive form of kana (syllabic writing). 

Hepburn Romanization (ヘボン式ローマ字, Hebon-shiki rōmaji): This is the most widely used form of romanization in Japanese. It is syllabic but the syllables are based on English phonology.

Hepburn Traditional: This is a more authoritative version of Hepburn romanization.

Kunrei: This is the Japanese government approved romanization system.

Nihon: "Nihon" is the romanized transliteration of the Japanese name for Japan. This system is the direct transliteration from Japanese.

Wāpuro: This is a form of Japanese romanization devised for entering Japanese into word processors, e.g. via a standard QWERTY keyboard.

This converter should keep the same formatting as the original text with punctuation, formatting, paragraphs etc. You will be able to enter lots of text at once making bulk formatting easier. We have lots of learn Japanese worksheets like fill in the gap and create empty spaces.


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