Create worksheets for Japanese learners with empty spaces

This is a resource to create worksheets with spaces for Japanese learners to put their own answers. You click on a word in a piece of text and then that word is put in brackets with a space before for the student to write their answer. An English example might be: I like watching television which becomes I like watching  ________(television). Afterwards, the student can then fill in a type of music so it becomes I like watching movies (television). This app is probably best used for options where there is no wrong or right answer but there is space for the student to come up with their own answer.

You can choose the Japanese font and size of the text as well as the title for the worksheet. The created Japanese learning worksheets are ready to print. We have lots of other learn Japanese worksheets like fill in the gap (for specific answers that are right or wrong) as well as to create Japanese number bingo sheets.


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