Welcome to Learn Japanese Tools, our collection of resources for learning Japanese online!

Learn Japanese Tools has over 15 resources for learning and teaching Japanese. Our Japanese apps and resources range from very simple apps (such as the "Alphabetize" or "Word Count" apps) for Japanese learners to amazing worksheet or wordsearch generators for teachers which are all completely customizable. There are even some resources (such as "Japanese to Unicode") which will be useful for native or fluent Japanese speakers. All of these apps and resources will work with most modern browsers. All these resources are super user friendly and offer a large input range. Give them a go!

Turn Japanese Into Romanisation This resource allows you to convert text from Japanese into different systems. The systems available are Katakana, Hiragana, Hepburn, Hepburn Traditional, Kunrei, Nihon and Wapuro. The output text should keep the same formatting and paragraphing as the input text.

Find a Japanese astrological year Enter a calendar year (e.g. 2014) and you can see what the Japanese astrological year is in Kanji, Kana and Romaji. There is also the option to get a Japanese year converted into a Western year instead.

Numbers To Japanese Numbers Enter Arabic numerals (e.g. 1, 2, 3) and convert them into Kanji, Hiragana or Romaji. There is also the option to convert Kanji (千三百二十三) into Arabic numerals.

Japanese To Unicode Convert all Japanese alphabets/kanji into Unicode or Unicode into Japanese. Unicode allows Japanese characters to be expressed online, as not all computers or browsers will have the Japanese alphabets installed. This resource also allows you to translate Unicode into Japanese.

Change Japanese Text Orientation Enter your Japanese text, and you will be able to adjust its orientation from left to right, to right to left or top to bottom (left to right) or top to bottom (right to left). You can then output the result as a text, image or PDF. This allows you to edit Japanese text to use the correct display format you need.

Japanese Font As Image Choose the font and colors, then enter your text. You will see the result as an image. This resource is useful for people who want to print their name in Japanese or whose computer does not display Kanji or Japanese alphabets. The image can be saved as jpeg, png or BMAP.

Count Japanese Text Input your Japanese text, and the resource will show you how many Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana characters it contains. This resource is useful for native or fluent Japanese speakers and anyone who wants to keep track of their Japanese writing.

Create Your Own Japanese Scrolls This app allows you to create sets of three Japanese scrolls. You can add your text, choose whether you want the text to be black or gold and the size you want to print. You can also print the scrolls so that each banner is A4 size.

Find Your Japanese Name Enter your English name and you should be able to find your Japanese name in Furigana and often Kanji as well. You can then copy it to the Japanese font app and create images with your Japanese name.

Japanese English Dictionary A handy Japanese-English dictionary. 

Chinese To Katakana This converter is for turning simplified or traditional Chinese into Katakana characters. The conversion is done phonetically and not as a translation. 

Japanese Worksheet Generators

These worksheet generators are perfect for Japanese teachers. We have a number of different generators to help make learning (and teaching) Japanese more fun. These worksheets are all completely customizable, so they can be adapted for users of all abilities. Many of them provide optional answer sheets for teachers. These worksheets can be used many different situations to test grammar, vocabulary and comprehension.

Learn Japanese Practice Writing Sheets Create worksheets to practice writing in Japanese (Higarana, Katakana, and Kanji) with different font options. You can then add romanization to make learning easier.

Jumble Up Japanese Sentences Test a students knowledge of sentence structure with this worksheet generator whcih changes the order of Japanese sentences. Type out your sentence and this app will jumble it for you, leaving the student to put it back in the correct order.  You can choose how many pages to print with and without answers.

Japanese Sentence Fill In The Gap  Enter Japanese sentences then click on the words you would like students to be able to select later. The Japanese text will appear with gaps for the words to be entered, and the words will appear at the end in a random order. You will have the option to print an answer sheet and however many sheets you want without answers.

Japanese Sentence Create Empty Spaces This worksheet generator is designed to create worksheets where learners of Japanese need to input their own word. An example sentence be: "お気に召す _____ 家で音楽を聴く  (聴くのが好きです) ". Here, students could fill in an answer for places where they like going. The resource is very simple to use: you just select the word that you want to omit, and the app will create brackets around it and add an empty space before it.

Japanese Random Number Bingo Sheet Creator  Turn practicing Japanese numbers into a fun game with these bingo sheets that are also great for practicing listening skills. Enter a range of numbers in Japanese (e.g. 1-300) and you can generate random bingo sheets with the resulting written numbers in different locations on each sheet. You are able to print an answer sheet too, which has Arabic numerals displayed with the Japanese numbers in the same squares. This is a great way of testing knowledge of Japanese numbers.

Japanese Number Bingo Sheet Creator This is similar to the random number worksheet generator, but instead of entering a range of numbers, you enter specific numbers (e.g. 9, 10, 100, 200, 300) to test knowledge of those specific numbers.

All of our worksheet resources are completely customizable depending on a learner's ability. All will save as PDFs and are easy to print. For most of these worksheet generators, the option of a printable answer sheet is available too. These worksheets can be set as homework, for used to play word games in class.

Learning Japanese can be tough! There is a complex writing system which even native speakers take a lifetime of learn. There are also no definite or indefinite articles in Japanese, nor are there any plurals. And whilst it is a phonetic langauge, there are 45 sounds to master, as opposed to be 26 in the standard Latin alphabet. But fear not, with these resources any learner will be well on their way to mastering Japanese writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. 


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